What is  BirdWize ?

Xsight's ground-level bird hazard management solution called BirdWize™, offers continuous runway surveillance for birds and wildlife on the runway as well as remote bird auditory deterrence.

Aircraft bird strikes are a common hazard in civil and military aviation around the world.

The number of bird strikes has been steadily rising mainly due to an increase in air traffic, growing bird populations, and the use of dual engine aircraft by commercial airlines.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) annual bird strike report, the number of reported wildlife strikes to civil aircraft in USA has increased almost eight-fold from 1,813 in 1990 to 13,546 in 2015 . Strikes cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the civil and military aviation annually, as well as put the lives of crew members and passengers at risk. Over 250 people have been killed worldwide since 1988 as a result of wildlife strikes.

BirdWi ze  is  a comprehensive  solution that enables airports to conduct safe and continuous runway operations, both day and night. BirdWize automatically distinguishes between birds and FOD, without manual intervention.

Wildlife hazard management within the airport vicinity is performed in two main levels:

  1. The preventative level, where actions are taken to reduce the attractiveness of the site for wildlife: elimination or reduction of food, water, or shelter attractive to wildlife at or near the airport.
  2. The immediate pro-active management level, which focuses on wildlife repelling techniques (use of various audio, visual, or chemical repellents to harass and repel problem wildlife) and population management (reduction or elimination of wildlife populations that are posing a hazard to aircraft at or near the airport by either capturing or killing the problem animals).

BirdWize provides a full-scale solution to the wildlife hazard management of an airport. On the proactive level, it provides automatic wildlife detection and deterrence capabilities on the runway. On the management level, it provides an intuitive mobile application for wildlife activity documentation on the airport vicinity to create baseline data that an airport can use to evaluate the efficacy of its wildlife hazard management program (e.g., determine redundancy of species-specific wildlife hazards, monitor reduction of onsite damaging strikes, monitor wildlife program communication and response efficiency and improve the overall wildlife program through annual review).


BirdWize Benefits:

  • Enhances runway safety Constant runway surveillance with bird deterrence that keeps the runway clear and safe.
  • Raises operational efficiency Registers runway bird behavior, enabling proactive measures to reduce bird strike risks.
  • Improves workforce productivity Automates manual procedures without the need to dispatch personnel to detect and deter hazardous birds on the runway.
  • Increases runway capacity By remotely operating auditory deterrence, the runway maintains ongoing operations with no interruptions.




Birds in Numbers



44% of aircrafts destroyed by bird strikes were caused by on-runway strikes.


41% of bird strikes occur at ground level.


58% of birds & wildlife activity on runways occur during night time.