FOD Links

  • Eurocontrol shows its commitment to runway safety


  • This report is the single best analysis of runway safety, FOD, and on-runway strikes presently available. It is data driven, values neutral, and draws on information from airline, airport, regulator, manufacturer, and service/technology providers. It, for the first time, knits together an industry-wide perspective that allows like-for-like comparison of runway safety incidents including incursions and excursions.
  • NAFPI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association of people and organizations from many different areas of the aerospace industry (including military, commercial, airline, manufacturing, airports, and support industries).

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  • The largest 300 airports collectively service slightly fewer than 55 million movements per year, and see up to 70,000 FOD incidents. Depending on traffic and the specifics of their operating environment, this FOD causes airlines to incur (collectively) direct costs as high as US$20 million per airport per year.


FOD damage to Air Forces

FOD is a serious problem for air forces throughout the world. FOD has been implicated in the crash of several fighter aircraft in the last few years, including a U.S. Air Force F-16 and 2 Royal Air Force Harriers and causes frequent engine, tire and fuselage damage, leaving a substantial percentage of an air force fleet non-operational at any given time.