Runways serve a unique and important function within the airport ecosystem.
As the aviation industry continues to experience exponential passenger growth, airports are faced with a myriad of operational challenges as they strive to increase the efficiency, capacity and effectiveness of their runways.


Runway safety is always a top priority for airports. Incidents and incursions including Foreign Object Debris (FOD), bird strikes, and contamination are very imminent dangers to the operational integrity of airports around the world. 
Many of these incidents can be prevented with Xsight Systems’ Runway Management solution. Xsight Systems has developed an advanced runway management solution that improves the day to day operation of runways,while also increasing runway safety, capacity and efficiency. 

The flagship technology, RunWize™, is a unique solution collocated with runway edge lights and utilizes a combination of millimeter wave radar and image processing to best detect FOD, birds, wildlife and monitor runway condition and activity. 

Logan Airport in Boston, Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv, Seattle- Tacoma Airport in Seattle and Bangkok International Airport in Thailand are among the world’s leading civil aviation airports already utilizing this advanced FOD detection technology. United States Military and Israeli Air Forces have also adopted this technology in pursuit of operational continuity and protection of their valuable assets.

Runway FOD has resulted in significant damage to aircraft that has cost the aviation industry internationally $13 billion per year in direct plus indirect costs. FOD has also been implicated in airplane crashes that resulted in the death and injury of aircraft personnel and passengers.

The Runway Management Solution's cornerstone is FODetect ®  and  consisting of the following additional enhancements: SnowWizeBirdWize™, ViewWize and FODspot™, encompassing the wisdom and control RunWize provides ground operations on its runways.