What is SnowWize

SnowWize is an enhancement to FODetect, the automated FOD detection solution.  SnowWize markedly improves winter operations efficiency and raises runway safety and availability by remotely measuring snow depth levels across the runway in real-time.

SnowWize utilizes an advanced measurement unit added to select FODetect Surface Detection Units collocated with runway edge lights. The measurement unit uses an infrared laser beam and advanced image processing algorithms for remote accurate measurement.

SnowWize provides runway surface contamination conditions in real time in an accurate and frequent manner - crucial information for every airport operations team. The integrated solution automatically measures snow levels across the runway in real time without interrupting runway operation, alerting when levels exceed customized thresholds.


SnowWize Benefits

1. Increases runway availability by minimizing unnecessary runway closures

2. Remote measurement monitors runway surface conditions in real-time

3. Easy to use and seamless operation works automatically with no user initiation required

4. Continuous monitoring constant, always-on monitoring during inclement weather

5. Lowers operational overhead no need to physically drive to the runway and enables smart

    pre-planning for contaminant removal

6. Advanced image processing solution provides remote visual of the runway to allow

    contaminants identification and confirmation

7. Comprehensive reporting provides in-depth runway insight and identifies suspicious areas

    based on aggregated sensor data