Xsight Systems launches SnowWize™, A Remote Runway Snow Depth Measurement Solution


Replacing the Measuring Stick and Snow Board! 

Xsight Systems launches SnowWize™ - A Remote Runway Snow Depth Measurement Solution

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Inter Airport Europe, Munich Germany, October 8, 2013 – A new initiative in runway management: Xsight Systems, a developer and provider of advanced runway sensor solutions, announces SnowWize - a new solution for snow depth measurement on airport runways.

SnowWize, based on Xsight Systems' FODetect® (an automated foreign object detection solution),  offers a solution that will greatly improve safety during winter operations, replacing the existing manual methods of measuring snow with a measuring stick and  a snow board.

SnowWize provides runway surface contamination conditions in real time in an accurate and frequent manner - crucial information for every airport operations team. The integrated solution automatically measures snow levels across the runway in real time without interrupting runway operation, alerting when levels exceed customized thresholds.

The proprietary technology utilizes an advanced measurement unit, added to select FODetect Surface Detection Units collocated with runway edge lights. The measurement unit uses an infrared laser beam and advanced image processing algorithms for remote accurate measurement.

Alon Nitzan, President & CEO of Xsight Systems says: "We are pleased to offer modern airports another automated solution that can greatly improve their runway management abilities: As a new enhancement to FODetect, SnowWize markedly increases runway availability, by minimizing unnecessary runway closures. SnowWize complies with Xsight Systems' runway management approach: replacing as many of the safety functions to automatic solutions, which ensure better monitoring and efficiency in winter and airfield operation".
"We believe continuous monitoring of runway surface contamination can support airports in their challenging task of effectively managing runway safety operations, specifically the crucial safety issue of runway excursion prevention, Nitzan adds.

SnowWize is an enhancement to RunWize™, The Runway Management Solution based on FODetect by Xsight Systems. RunWize improves and automates the day-to-day operation of runways whilst increasing runway safety, capacity and efficiency.
Another enhancement to RunWize includes BirdWize™ – a unique avian detection enhancement to mitigate ground-level bird strikes.

About Xsight Systems

Xsight Systems is the provider of advanced runway sensor solutions, chosen by leading airports worldwide. For the first time in aviation history, Xsight Systems runway solutions present a new paradigm in runway management and allow constant command over airport runways and their surroundings. Xsight Systems enables airports to manage runways more efficiently and feel confident that runways are safe, secure and clear for operations.
Solutions from Xsight Systems, having exceeded FAA regulatory requirements, have been adopted by major airports including Boston Logan, and by top-tier integrators such as Thales Group. For more information, please visit www.xsightsys.com.

Xsight Systems is exhibiting at Inter Airport Europe; visit us at booth 1215, hall B5.