Wildlife Strikes Research

This report presents a summary analysis of data from the National Wildlife Strike
Database for the 21-year period 1990 through 2010. A sample of significant wildlife
strikes to civil aircraft in the USA during 2010 is also included. 

Management efforts to reduce the risks of bird strikes have primarily focused on airports since various historical analyses of bird strike data for civil aviation have indicated the majority of strikes occur in this environment.
About 40 percent of the bird strikes occurred when the aircraft was at 0 feet AGL.
The aircraft components most commonly reported as struck by birds were the nose/radome, windshield, engine, wing/rotor, and fuselage.
wildlife strikes cost the USA civil aviation industry 113,355 hours per year of aircraft downtime and $135 million in monetary losses ($109 million per year in direct costs and $26 million per year in associated costs).

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