About us

Xsight Systems is the provider of advanced runway sensor solutions chosen by leading airports worldwide and fully compliant with FAA regulation.

For the first time in aviation history, our runway solutions present a new paradigm in Runway Management and allow constant command over airport runways and their surroundings. Manage runways more efficiently, and feel confident that the runways are safe, secure and clear for operations.

Our solutions have been adopted by airports and integrators of the highest standards among them Seattle Tacoma, Boston Logan and Thales Group, and have exceeded the FAA regulatory benchmark.

Our flagship product is FODetect, an automated and comprehensive FOD detection solution collocated with runway edge lights and is the most powerful solution to improve runway safety, operational efficiency and increase runway capacity.

Direct damage to aircraft caused by FOD is estimated to cost the aviation industry over $4 billion each year.

To date, visual runway inspection a few times each day and regular sweeping has served as the standard means of minimizing FOD damage.

In the wake of the Concorde crash in June 2000, which was caused by a metal strip lying on the runway, that had fallen from another aircraft five minutes earlier, Xsight Systems founders began working on early versions of FODetect in 2001.

FODetect is the only solution available in the market that is capable of automatically detecting FOD between runway movements as would have been required in the case of the Concorde, and is the only solution offering a combination of radar and image processing for reliable detection of FODs.

FODetect has successfully been installed in Seattle Tacoma International Airport, Boston Logan International Airport, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport. It has been evaluated by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at Boston Logan.

FODspot, Xsight Systems scalable solution has been installed in Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport.

FODetect is fully compliant with FAA regulation, meeting or exceeding the Advisory Circular’s highest performance levels and is eligible for federal funding through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) programs.

Xsight Systems staff is based on a core of experienced engineers and scientists from leading Defense and High-tech companies that bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the areas of:
•    System engineering
•    Optics and radar systems design
•    Remote sensing algorithms development
•    Software development and testing    
•    Hardware design  
•    Harsh environment system engineering and testing


Xsight Systems has been shortlisted for the FODetect at TLV airport project in the Safety Leadership of the Year category for the ATC Global Excellence Awards 2013 .