FODetect by Xsight Systems win ATM technology


FODetect, Xsight Systems' automated foreign object debris (FOD) detection system, has won this year's award, after its recent installation at the Tel-Aviv Ben-Gurion International Airport by the Israel Airports Authority (IAA).

IAA undertook rigorous evaluation and soft launch testing of the system at the airport's primary runway before announcing its fully operational status.

Xsight systems says FODetect "increases runway safety by using high-performance detection with a resolution down to the size of an aircraft rivet. The unique integrated optic sensor with NIR illumination and a millimetre-wave radar sensing technology uses the best characteristics of each technology to provide high-quality detection."

The product can also increase runway capacity by minimising false alarms and using its GPS location and laser line marker for efficient and quick FOD retrieval.

During the nine month testing-period, at no point was FOD found by manual inspectors that was not earlier detected by FODetect.

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