Runway Black Box (RBB)

What is Runway Black Box?  

Runway Black Box is a basic surveillance product for runway operators. Collocating an optical sensor with the runway's edge lights allows continuous video recording of all runway activity during day, night and inclement weather conditions.

In case of a runway incident, the system provides runway recordings for post event (incident \ accident) investigation and analysis, offering visual evidence of possible malfunctions, pilot error, equipment failure and runway conditions that might have contributed to the occurrence of the event.

The system monitors the runway area including aircraft movements and their external characteristics during approach, touch-down, taxi and during taxi, departure clearance and takeoff.


Runway Black Box Benefits  

       1.    Constant round-the-clock recording of all aircraft movements

2.    Close-up view on the aircraft prior to landing and on ground: diagnose aircraft for unexpected issues for improved safety and efficiency.

3.    Post event analysis: analyze recordings after the event for improving procedures in the long-term.

a.    Improve post event investigation

b.    Resolve liability issues related to runway incidents

4.    Unique point of view on all aircrafts

5.    Clear view of the runway even in extreme low visibility conditions

6.    Constant round-the-clock recording of all aircraft movements

7.    No infrastructure Involved

8.    Self-install kit (by a certified electrician)

9.    Filed for patent – “Runway activity monitoring, logging and analysis for aircraft touchdown detection and abnormal behavior alerting".