Dual Sensor Head

What is Dual Sensor Head?

Xsight Systems Dual Sensor Head (DSH) is an integrated sensing platform, combining a Mini Radar sensor and a day/night Vision sensor, mounted on a 2-degree-of-freedom motion pedestal and including a powerful built-in processor and a communications module.

The DSH offers a unique platform for advanced sensing and surveillance applications.
The Radar sensor provides complementary performance even when the Vision sensor has limitations during low visibility conditions.
The DSH includes the following elements and features:

1. 77GHz FMCW radar

2. Day/night color/monochrome camera, with remote zoom and focus capabilities

3. Near IR (NIR) illuminator for extreme night operation

4. Pan and tilt motion axes (Configurable)

5. Powerful processor for signal and image processing

6. Supports wireless (WiFi), copper-based LAN (10/100 Ethernet), and fiber-optic based LAN


7. Built-in heater circuits for extreme weather operation

8. Environment control of the Vision window (heated optical surface, cleaning mechanisms)
9. Mechanical protection door for Vision sensor protection during extreme weather conditions

10. Automatic scan and manual motion control capabilities

11. Data recording capability

12. BIT and self-diagnostics