What is FODspot?

FODspot is a unique scalable system for detection and monitoring of FOD on airports’ critical areas – intersections and other FOD hotspots, which can be expanded to cover full runways and taxiways.

FODspot is based on Xsight Systems FAA approved FODetect solution.

It combines the power of millimeter-wave radar, the flexibility of inclement weather, day/night visibility using high-resolution NIR-illuminated optic sensors, and proven advanced image processing.

Together, these technologies enable viable wide-area runway sensing at a previously unprecedented level of accuracy.

FODspot utilizes a Video Recording Unit (VRU), which allows additional features for improved safety and operational efficiency:

1. From blindfolded to fully in control

Provides air and ground controllers with real time surveillance capabilities during day and night routine or emergency operations, and in inclement weather conditions.

During maintenance or construction work on the runway/taxiway, FODspot can conveniently be placed in order to scan the surface, and make sure no FOD has been left behind.

2. FOD source ascription

Identifies the source of the FOD and automatically records all intersection activity, while enabling preventive actions to minimize future FOD event occurrences.