Mini Radar

What is Mini Radar?

Xsight Systems MWR (Mini W-band Radar) is a compact forward-looking millimeter wave radar, designed and built to be the heart of a low-cost, low-power radar sensor.

Xsight Systems MWR uses a W-band (76-77GHz) front-end and a linear FMCW exciter, and is managed by a DSP-based processor, providing advanced processing features.

When mounted on an azimuth pedestal, and using its current compact and rugged dual antenna module, the MWR provides complete radar sensor functionality, with tens to hundreds of meters of range and up to 360 degrees of azimuth coverage.

The MWR is optimized for high probability-of-detection (Pd) and low false-alarm-rate (FAR) of extremely low radar-cross-section (RCS) targets, from miniature debris (e.g. bolts and nuts) located on concrete surfaces, through detection of humans and wildlife, even on rough terrains, to vehicles and aircraft.

The Xsight MWR is fully safe for the end user and is suitable for covert operations due to its low-power and low profile characteristics.

The Xsight Systems MWR is implemented with customization in mind.

It can be customized to different applications and different deployment environments, such as:

1. Tailoring the MWR antennas to meet a required beam shape.

2. Control (via a management port) of many of the waveform parameters (such as chirp

    bandwidth, time, slope, PRF etc) for meeting a required performance envelope (Various

    target RCS, various ranges, various Doppler resolutions, various Pd/FAR, etc.).

3. Shaping the physical size and form-factor to fit a variety of carrying platforms (Mobile,

    airborne etc.).