Have a Safe Flight, Thanks to Israel’s Xsight

Xsight's sensors in BKK

Runway debris costs about $14 billion in damages yearly. That’s why the FAA likes an Israeli system to detect birds and metal fragments 24/7

01-Aug-2012, Abigail Klein Leichman, Israel 21C, Uncovering Israel

Magazine Israel 21C, Uncovering Israel article

Lots of people complain about airplane food, but what about FOD?

That acronym, which stands for “foreign object debris,” refers to stuff on the runway – birds, small animals and fragments that break off planes – causing far more dangerous problems than rubbery rolls on your dinner tray.

The Israeli company XSight Systems has swooped in to prevent harm in a unique way that’s already been adopted at international airports in Boston, Paris, Bangkok and Tel Aviv.

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