Inter Airport Europe 2019

Gala Dinner at inter airport Europe 2019

Gala Dinner at inter airport Europe 2019

Xsight Systems Brings Automation to Runway Surface Condition Assessment and Reporting

Inter Airport Europe exhibition is as always a great opportunity for Xsight to showcase its offering to the aviation industry- Our focus this year will is the introduction of our automated solution for runway surface condition assessment and reporting according to ICAO’s GRF requirements.

As the GRF regulation requirements are becoming applicable on November 5th, 2020, our automated and remote solution enables verified visualization and measurement of the depth, type and coverage- executed continuously and remotely, with no need to approach the runway.

Runway contamination leading to runway excursion events constitutes a major Runway Safety risk, recognized by ICAO. Xsight Systems’ comprehensive solution addresses runway contamination within the range of runway safety risks by applying automation onto procedures that traditionally have been done manually, for improved runway safety and enhanced operational efficiency.