Our Vision

  • Based on remote sensing, to provide airports with automated continuous capabilities to detect, assess and remove any threat to aircraft operations on and near the runway.

  • Our Mission

    • To reduce the number of runway safety events and to enhance runway operational efficiency. 

Founded in 2005 by elite team of engineers, Xsight Systems is the leading provider of advanced runway threat detection solution chosen by airports and military operations worldwide. For the first time in aviation history, Xsight has introduced a new paradigm in runway operations, allowing airports for constant command and visibility over runways and their surrounding areas.

Our solution enables airports to manage their runways more efficiently, and feel confident that they are safe, secure and clear for operations.

The Company's employees have strong backgrounds in aviation, advanced technological know-how and experience, positioning them to deeply understand the industry and its needs. The Company is managed by seasoned aviation experts and insightful business-oriented individuals, all of whom are passionate about this dynamic market and the evolving opportunities it presents.

Xsight is headquartered in Israel, and is the only provider of runway threat detection solution that is fully compliant with the FAA’s Airport Foreign Object Debris Advisory Circulars.

Xsight’s solution is eligible for federal funding through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) programs.




Mr. Leybov is the CEO & President at Xsight Systems.

Mr. Leybov held senior executive positions and served as Managing Partner at Tamir-Fishman Real Estate Fund as well as at other multiple industrial, energy and investment Entities.

Mr. Leybov started his career with IAF where he served as CCT & TACP Commander. Mr. Leybov holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance from the Collage of Management.



Mr. Achler is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Xsight Systems.
Mr. Achler leads the technology efforts to create and improve current and future products. Mr. Achler has 15 years of Machine Intelligence experience. Throughout his career, he has managed development teams and created long lasting architectures. His experience has led him to work in a diverse field of software and hardware and brings vast experience and vision to Xsight Systems.

Mr. Achler holds a Master’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Intelligent Systems, Robotics, and Control from the University of California, San Diego.



Mr. Gabay is the CFO at Xsight Systems.
Mr. Gabay is an experienced financial professional from his previous work at Deloitte in the high-tech audit department.

Mr. Gabay holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting, a CPA title, and completed his MBA in Business Management from the Hebrew University in Israel.



Mr. Mendelson is the Vice President of Global Sales at Xsight Systems.
Mr. Mendelson served previously as Xsight’s Director of Sales for EMEA and Xsight’s Director of Pre-Sale and Project Management where he oversaw project installations and deployments worldwide after working as R&D manager for Gilat Satellite Networks.

Mr. Mendelson holds both a Bachelor’s of Science degree and a Master’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University.



Mr. Grinvald is the Vice President of Product at Xsight Systems.
Mr. Grinvald leads the Product Team and has over 20 years of experience while holding various positions both at business, product & R&D management; With a rich understanding of the business environment of customers, partners & channels.

Mr. Grinvald holds a B.Sc. Electronics & Computer Engineering from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) and M.B.A Mastering Administration of Hi-Tech companies from the College of Management.



Mr. Bonnewit is the Vice President of Operations at Xsight Systems.
In his capacity as Vice President of Operations, Mr. Bonnewit is responsible for planning, directing and overseeing the company’s operational activities, ensuring development and implementation of efficient operations as well as cost-effective systems.
Mr. Bonnewit works closely with department managers in order to achieve the organization’s goals, whilst upholding quality standards and adhering to legal regulations.
Mr. Bonnewit has over 25 years of experience of technical management as well as matrix leadership of development and manufacturing teams. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Bonnewit served as Engineering Leader at NICE Systems.

Mr. Bonnewit holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Coventry University, London.



Mr. Shilon is the Vice President of Business Development at Xsight Systems.
Mr. Shilon's Aviation career spans 23 years as a Professional Pilot for an American regional carrier and an International Pilot for 15 years with ELAL International Airlines.
Mr. Shilon's perspective as a Pilot and his Operational experience, support Xsight Systems creative team, to bring new innovations, to improve safety and efficiency.

Mr. Shilon holds a B.Sc. in Aerospace Technology from the State University of New York. Certified on several aircrafts including J4100, Do328jet, CRJ200, Boeing 767/757, 747-400 and 737NG.