Making GRF Happen. On Time. Simple.

ArcWize is an AI-powered multi-layer sensing solution, providing 24/7 runway control through continuous remote sensing.

ArcWize provides accurate & timely GRF reports without interruption to runway operations:

  • Reducing risk to runway excursions
  • Easy compliance with GRF/TALPA requirements
  • Increasing runway availability

The Challenge of Runway Excursions

  • A runway excursion is an aircraft veer-off or overrun off the runway surface
  • Related accidents are accounted for 14.9% of all accidents in 2019
  • Related accidents included half of all fatal accidents in 2019,
    by ICAO Safety Report 2020
  • Identified as a High-Risk Category of occurrence within global safety
    priorities, by ICAO's GASP 2020–2022
  • Runway excursion got highest score in Runway Safety Risk Index by ICAO's GRASP 2017

Multi-Layer Sensing Solution Powered By Xsight's AI

ArcWize is an innovative runway sensing solution comprising of multiple sensor types providing supplementary data layers.

Due to the multi-layered sensors, ArcWize delivers reliable visualizations of the contaminated runway surface, providing airports with accurate and real-time data, full oversight of the entire runway, supporting the new GRF methodology.
  • Automatic 24/7 remote runway sensing, unlike any other solution
  • Depth & coverage measurement of contaminants for each runway third according to GRF requirements
  • AI classification of all contaminant types, like rainwater, ice formation & dew point, ice, snow variances
  • Alert when GRF levels exceed or pre-defined thresholds
  • Automatic generation of GRF RWYCC and SNOWTAM/NOTAM syntax


More Than GRF: Visualize & Digitize Runway Surface

  • Control the runway - see more, know more. Always!
  • Increase runway availability - remote & continuous sensing minimize runway interruptions
  • Lowers operational workload - automating monitoring & reporting processes and smart pre-planning of contaminants removal
  • Digitize surface data - connects with airport management systems and serves all stakeholders:
    Airport operations, ATS, air crew, dispatchers, regulatory orgs (ICAO, EASA), etc.

  • ArcWize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data processing are the foundation of producing future understandings of runway conditions through unprecedented digitalization of runway data.