Case Studies

"You have to stay in the forefront of technology and not stay behind.”

Mark O. Coats
Senior Manager, Airport Operations, Port of Seattle
Maintaining a clear and safe runway for operations is a challenging task.
Airfields typically have fairly complicated runway layouts including hotspots and intersections that can cause obstacles for airfield operations. Furthermore, with frequent aircraft movements, every 60-90 seconds in peak hours, airport staff cannot manually inspect the runway between every takeoff and landing.
Night and limited visibility conditions such as fog and rain make the challenge even worse.

An airport’s safety and operational divisions understand the need for runways to be managed safely and efficiently. Leading airports around the world are adopting technology and solutions that help their operations team better manage these safety and operational issues. Without such technology, the risk for serious incidents and accidents is much greater, as we can learn from the cases below.

Case Study: FODETECT® Identified Peeled Tire On The Main Landing Gear During Take-Off, Aircraft Returned For A Safe Landing.

On June 4th, 2017, EL AL Boeing 747-400, took off from Tel Aviv (Israel) to New York (USA). During the initial climb, the crew detected a loud noise and vibrations but could not locate their source. Xsight’s FODetect system at Ben Gurion International Airport detected several foreign objects on the runway and alerted on the matter to the tower.

Case Study: Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Chose Xsight Systems' RUNWIZE™-The Runway Management Solution.

Runway 16C/34C was originally built in 1969, and reconstructed in 2015. As part of this major reconstruction, the operations team decided to upgrade the runway with new advanced safety features which included an automated FOD solution and new LED runway lighting system. 16C/34C is the central runway and the longest in the airport.
During the launch of the SEA system December 2015, Dave Richardson, the Airport Communication Center Manager said: “We’ve got 101 high-tech sets of eyes out on that runway that we’ve never had before. We’ll be getting alerts in this room 24/7, something we are all very excited to see”.