Hardware Architect

Rosh Haayin · Senior

About The Position

Xsight Systems is seeking for a ★Talented Hardware Architect ★ to lead the Hardware development team!

The position involves the ability to solve complex multidisciplinary issues from the system definitions to mass production, set the tone for HW/SW integrations, and manage all the HW related activities.

This role is responsible for leading Xsight’s HW development solutions in support of prospective and active research programs. You will interface with multiple internal and external customers while identifying requirements, technology and development of solutions containing many different sensing devices types that need to be processed on the edge. You will provide technical leadership to develop internal HW roadmaps, engage potential customers, and propose technical solutions to win business worldwide.

The Architect must be capable of creation and analysis of multiple design alternatives, assessing such alternatives based on given or self-defined criteria, and selecting the most suitable options to refine to a final design. Your direction and oversight will extend into Xsight’s design teams as they onboard, develop and deploy our solutions to mass production.

This position requires and experiences professional with a background in high-level system design down to management of board level designers, processor engineers, and a track record of successfully launching new systems into production.


We are looking for someone who demonstrates:

  • Intense collaboration
  • Passionate customer focus
  • Thoughtful, fast, disciplined execution
  • Tenacious commitment to continuous improvement
  • Relentless drive to win

Here is a glimpse of what you’ll do:

  • Define and develop hardware architectures for high performance, high availability computing systems: research and understand leading edge technologies, components and vendor offerings, formulate complete design concepts to meet customer product goals.
  • Create detailed system block diagrams, partitioning plans, functional specifications and other documentation to drive hardware design and implementation.
  • Communicate and disseminate developed architecture to design implementation teams. Develop transfer of information plans and execute to program schedule needs.
  • Provide ongoing, expert and consultative support to design teams to complete implementation of design intent to fab-ready ECAD and MCAD assets.
  • Provide expert review of schematics, layout, electro-mechanical design and verification test plans to ensure design implementation meets specified hardware architecture.
  • Communicate and collaborate with key technology providers and customer product designers to develop roadmaps for forward looking new development and existing product improvements.
  • Participate in program quoting efforts to create preliminary architectures, development strategies and work scope to drive resource estimations.
  • Provide synthesized reports to project management, engineering leadership and customer teams of development status and risks with regards to implementation adhering to architectural requirements.


Here is some of what you’ll need (required):

  • A Bachelor’s degree in System, Electrical or Computer engineering or related fields.
  • A strong capability and desire to learn, absorb new information and adapt to challenging project needs.
  • Ten years or more experience in product development activities for complex, fault tolerant and resilient computing systems (eg: server, avionics, automotive, etc).
  • Demonstrated experience developing electrical and mechanical system architectures and associated high quality system and sub system technical documentation.
  • Experience working with major computing and communications chipset vendors, knowledge of industry trends and roadmaps.
  • Experience with one or more of the following computing technologies: server class x86 processors, multi core ARM systems, FPGA and ISP technologies, GPU/TPU for artificial intelligence (AI) applications.
  • Background in communication standards (wireless, ethernet, PCIe, USB, etc)– advantage
  • Understanding of the requirements and challenges of complex electro-mechanical systems including assembly, ingress, thermal and robustness challenges.
  • Excellent communication skills for transferring architecture needs to design teams, collaborating in system development and supporting design execution.
  • Ability to travel internationally to support these activities.
  • A high level of analytical ability and a positive and motivated attitude.

Here are a few of our preferred experiences:

  • Master's degree is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Autonomous Vehicle technology, hardware architectures, relevant AI technologies and current technology challenges.
  • Experience with one or more of: automotive electronics development, fault tolerant systems, camera and radar imaging systems, hardware and software AI technologies.

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