Automated Solution For Safe and Efficient Runway Operations

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Runways serve a unique and important function within the airport ecosystem. Each day, aircraft face various forms of runway threats from various origins, including foreign object debris (FOD), birds and wildlife and accumulated contaminants (snow, ice, etc.).

As the aviation industry is experiencing remarkable growth and airports are becoming increasingly more congested, an effective runway threat detection solution that provides comprehensive and reliable control of the runway and its surroundings becomes essential.

Xsight Systems developed an advanced sensor-based threat detection solution that improves the day-to-day operation of take-offs and landings whilst increasing runway safety, capacity and efficiency. This solution brings automation to the core of airfield operations.

The Company's flagship technology, RunWize™, is a unique solution collocated with runway edge lights that leverages the fusion of a millimeter-wave radar with electro-optical high definition imaging. Empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), it provides superior detection performance of a variety of runway-related threats.

RunWize is composed of FODetect®, which together with its additional enhancements BirdWize™, ViewWize™, encompass the visibility and control RunWize provides for ground operations on its runways.

Main Benefits

The capabilities incorporated within RunWize™ are complementary to each other, creating together an aggregated solution that revolutionizes the world of airport operations. The main benefits of the solution are as follows:

  • Improved overall runway safety – the ability to save lives
  • Improved runway capacity and efficiency
  • A 'front-row seat' for every occurrence on the runway
  • Reduced financial damages caused by accidents, flight delays and cancellations
  • Continuous monitoring and control over the runway
  • Data-driven analysis of threats on the runway
The holistic approach of comprehensive solution
The Holistic Approach - Addressing various runway safety hazards

Tailor Made Solution

Every airport has its own unique set of characteristics (such as territory, weather, geographic location, etc.), needs and pain points to be addressed.

We understand that considerations and procedures vary greatly across different airports. Therefore, we establish a close collaboration with our customers, learning their specific needs and adjusting the solution accordingly.


Our Customers

We are proud that the following leading airports has chosen to adopt RunWize™, enjoying improved safety and operational efficiency on a daily basis.

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